Shielded boxes
Fireproof line
Treasury for Fixing
Anti-panic Room
Shielded Boxes

Protection against robberies.

MOH security box is made of strong SAE 1010/1020 steel sheet 3/8" (9,75 mm) thick. It is reinforced and shielded, and it possesses two inviolable locks: a double blade and three-turn key and a numeric code key equipped with Ant spy dialling or ultimate generation electronic code.

Designed according to your needs.

MOH Security Boxes display excellent interior presentation. Its perfect distribution allow you to use its wide sub-compartments, offering drawers for checks and cash, inner treasury for major figures and wide room for books and important documentation.

Protection against fire.

MOH security boxes have a fireproof compound between the exterior and interior casing. As a result, they are resistant to heat even in great fire cases.







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