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Cashier auxiliary box

Exclusively designed, nowadays, to minimise armed robbery, avoiding the extraction of money which was not stored during attention to customers.Made of SAE 1010/1020 Steel, it possesses code with opening delaying system (National and International mechanics or electronics manufacture, USA origin, ultimate technology) and double-plate and double-turn door lock.











Auxiliary Box for Cashier with Distance Command Forced Treasuring

Intending to minimise loss caused by "EXPRESS ROBBERIES", which our customers suffer habitually, we have designed this high technology element, which acts simply by pushing a command button, which must be installed in the Surveillance Compartment or in the Surveillance Precincts, at the time the invigilator detects the illegal act.

Instantly, the device turns over and drops the bills, which have not been treasured by the cashier, into an auxiliary box equipped with an electronic lock with opening delaying system, reducing the loss of money which the cashier had in the bill box up to the moment of the robbery.

Why not to avoid the extraction of the existing change in the bill box?

So as to prevent the robbers, who are in a delicate emotional mood (due to drugs, excitement. anxiety, fear, etc), from reacting against the staff, causing physical injuries which could provoke death.

It is for the Bank, who establishes the rules to operate the cash box, to quantifies the maximum amount of money to be risked to robbery or extraction in each box.

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