Mobile treasury box
Treasury and Emergency
Surveillance Compartments
Shielded Vans
Modules with safety chest
for renting
Cashier Auxiliary Box
Shielded Box Stall
Deposit and bag-running
Modular shielding for treasury
Shielded Doors
Shielded Compartment for
Safety box for automatic
Security Crystal

International distinction in
the Area
Other Distinctions


Boxes for off-time deposits and bag-running boxes

To be installed in glassed or walled fronts, resistant to the most modern attack simulations, as well as mechanic perforations and oxyacetylene burner.

Made externally of SAE 1010/1020 special Steel and internally melted in steel with a minmum hardness of 450 brinell.

Lockpick-proof system, made with a cogged and sharp outline which avoids or obstructs criminal acts.

National or International locksmith work , ultimate generation Mechanics and Electronics. Excellent finishing, antirust treatment, pyrites painting and free choice colour. 

Bank area