Mobile treasury box
Treasury and Emergency
Surveillance Compartments
Shielded Vans
Modules with safety chest
for renting
Cashier Auxiliary Box
Shielded Box Stall
Deposit and bag-running
Modular shielding for treasury
Shielded Doors
Shielded Compartment for
Safety box for automatic
Security Crystal

International distinction in
the Area
Other Distinctions

Mobile treasury box

Resistant to the most extreme demands for the most modern methods of attack simulations, as well as mechanic perforations, oxyacetylene burner, fire or collapse. 
Made of special SAE 1010/1020 steel and interior steel melting with a minimum hardness of 450 brinell.

Excellent finishing, antirust treatment, pyrites painting and free choice colour. 

National or International locksmith work , ultimate generation Mechanics and Electronics. 

Mobile treasury box 
with chests for renting

Cash box hermetic compression.

Bank area