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Modular shielding for treasury

Specially designed, this systems allows non regulatory bank treasury vaults to be shielded internally in a matter of hours, offering, this way, the required security level according to present legislation.

The system is made of SAE 1010/1020 folded steel plates, forming a box in the interior body, where a 450 brinell hardness alloy plate is to be located. This plate is to be burner-proof.

Due to their design, these plates, which are fixed and welded electronically one against the other, form a shielded structure, resistant to external attack. It can be adapted to any type of existent construction, and it is possible to weld laterals as well and floor and ceiling, offering the customer a great solid and inviolable system which can be installed in a functioning branch, off the clients attention time, withou damaging any part of the furniture or any installations of the building. 









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