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Security Crystal

All types of bullet-proof glass posses splinter-proof covering. All types of MOH security crystal consist on glasses with different thickness and very high level of resistance and transparency, less weight, UV protection and thermal insulation. All these features made it available for any required level of security (against vandalism, against robbery, against bullet shots, etc.)

All types of MOH glass are made under MA.02 RENAR regulations


MOH Anti Vandalism Crystal:

Full Thickness: 10 mm
Full Square metre weight: 21 Kg. 

MOH RB1 Crystal

Anti 9 mm and 3,57 Magnum (luger ammunition) integration.
Full Thickness: 21 mm. 
Full square metre weight: 50 Kg.


MOH RB2 Crystal

Anti 3,57 Magnum (special high-speed ammunition) integration.
Full Thickness: 27 mm. 
Full square metre weight: 67 Kg.

MOH RB3 Crystal

Anti 44 Magnum integration.
Full Thickness: 32 mm. 
Full square metre weight: 75 Kg.

MOH RB4 Glass

Anti FAL integration.
Full Thickness: 50 mm. 
Full square metre weight: 120 Kg.


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