Mobile treasury box
Treasury and Emergency door
Surveillance Compartments
Shielded Vans
Modules with safety chest
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Cashier Auxiliary Box
Shielded Box Stall
Deposit and bag-running
Modular shielding for treasury
Shielded Doors
Shielded Compartment for
Safety box for automatic
Security Crystal

International distinction in
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Shielded Vans

Wealth Transport

Resistant to ammo impact according to norm RENAR MA.02 level RB4 Built on a tubular structure of SAE 1010/1020 outlines, made of ballistic steel sheet, exterior glass fibre plate and, completing the whole, SAE 1010/1020 steel shaped according to the cab body supplied by the manufacturer. The cab is to be shielded equally in the interior.


The units can be equipped with air conditioning, tv closed circuit for perimeter monitoring and communication system.

Doors can be opened from the outside, by the use of security key only, and manually from the interior, so as to avoid capture of the vehicle by criminal groups. 

The weight of the whole is extremely inferior to the weight of the conventional shielding used so far and, above all, significantly more resistant to high power penetration impacts. 


All the units contain shielding in laterals, floor, roof and front, and they have which are unbreakable from the outside, as well as bullet-proof glasses in all its perimeter, which allows control and makes defence of the unit easier without exposing its crew.

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