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In 1990, it starts its activities in a small industrial plant located in Valentín Alsina, Buenos Aires Province, Republica Argentina, with only eight workers. 

The endless and necessary incorporation of technology and apt staff allows, then, the manufacturing of reliable security products and, as a result, 10 per cent of attention to the trade demand.

Technology in Security:  Constant quality control of its element together with their endless enhancing process  turn Metalúrgica Oliva Hnos S.A. into a synonym of technology in security.

Its growth knows no boundaries.

Today, it is the biggest and best technologically equipped industry of security items in this country and one of the most important in South America.

In 1993, it begins to export products to Paraguay and Uruguay.

In 1995, it becomes the main purveyor of security items for the most important bank entities, official organisms and national and international enterprises, supplying products for 50 per cent of the total trade demand.

By 1997, it reaches 56 per cent of the demand supplying and this is the moment in which makes a decision: it buys a new location, to be inaugurated in 1998.
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Nowadays, it includes specialized workers and a highly efficient Sales and Administration Body which develops its daily activities in the 4,000 squared metres plant, perfectly equipped. The plant is located in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires Province, República Argentina, and devoted to the service for physical security of its clients, for whom the enterprise has been divided into sections, which you will be able to know progressively as you select the corresponding page of each area.  Planta02.jpg (80041 bytes)